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Karen Alim

David Arnosti

Nick Baker

Bill Bialek

Otger Campas

Lionel Christiaen

Lucy Colwell

Eric Davidson

Job Dekker

Claude Desplan

Glenn Edwards

Eileen Furlong


Stefan Gunther

Vincent Hakim

Lars Hufnagel

Ken Irvine

Frank Jülicher

Alain Karma

Matthias Kaschube

Thomas Lecuit

Loic LeGoff

Ruth Lehmann

Maria Leptin

Mike Levine

David Lubensky

Olga Markova

Andrew McMahon

Mark Metzstein

Uwe Ohler

Norbert Perrimon

Kanaka Rajan

Herve Rouault

Yasser Roudi

Timothy Saunders

François Schweisguth

Boris Shraiman

Permanent member of KITP/Professor of physics at UCSB. Background: Statistical physics. Current interest: Revisiting "Growth and Form" with the benefit of modern molecular genetics and live imaging. How does positional information together with intercellular interactions really define shapes and structures?

Eric Siggia

Saurabh Sinha

Alex Small

Assistant Professor at Cal Poly Pomona. I mostly work on the theory of fluorescence imaging beyond the diffraction limit, but I also have an interested in blood vessels.

Stephen Small

David Sprinzak

Alexander Stark

Sebastian Streichan

Pavel Tomancak

Erik van Nimwegen

Marian Walhout

John Wallingford

Bartek Wilczynski

Assistant professor at University of Warsaw. Working on computational models linking regulatory DNA sequences with chromatin state and finally transcription patterns.

Lewis Wolpert

Clare Yu

Professor of Physics at UC Irvine. Current interests include developmental biology, in particular, how growth is controlled in the Drosophila wing disc via the Fat pathway and elastic interactions between cells.

Julia Zeitlinger