Goleta Beach BBQ, Friday Aug 26th

We are going to have a BBQ this friday on the beach starting around 4-5pm.

If you would like to attend, please WRITE YOUR NAME here so we know how much food to get. Otherwise, you will be served only if you manage to catch a fish from the ocean.

David Lubensky
Stefan Gunther (+ one more person)
Timothy Saunders (+ one more person)
Karen Alim (+ one more person)
Marija Vucelja
Vincent Hakim (is the bbq on friday as written or thursday as announced? Friday)
Hervé Rouault
Kevin Chiou (+1)

Group Dinner

Next group dinner: ?

Last group dinner: Thursday, Aug 11th
at 7:30 pm at a SuperRica in Santa Barbara
622 N. Milpas St, Santa Barbara CA

Let us meet at 7pm in front of the main KITP entrance

Please sign up before lunch onThursday
To sign up write your name below here (click on Edit on the right up corner and then Save), indicating:
-the number of additional people coming with you
-do you have a car (number of people you can take with you)?
-Do you need a ride?
David Lubensky (have car, can bring 3-4 others)
Vincent Hakim (small car, can bring 3)
Bartek Wilczynski (no car, needs a ride)
Boris Shraiman (have car, 3-4)
Olga Markova (no car, needs a ride)
Hervé Rouault (needs a ride)
Stefan Gunther
Karen Alim (needs a ride)
Adel Dayarian, will be at kitp at 7:15pm. can drive
Kevin Chiou (needs a ride)
Nick Baker (needs a ride)

Hiking around Santa Barbara

Hiking: Sunday, Aug 14th
We are planning to hike the Rattlesnake Trail on sunday. If you want to join, let us meet at the trail head
Las Canonas Road, North east corner of Skofield Park at 1pm, see http://www.mapquest.com/?q=34.458,-119.692
For those who don't have cars Tim can pick you up from the Transit Center (Carillo road corner Chapalla road) at 12:30pm. For pick up send an email to saunders.tim@gmail.com, so he knows to expect you.

For more details about the trail see also

Tim and Stefan

Sport Activities

Anyone interested in swimming/running (maybe biking if nice bikes available for renting) or playing some sports like table tennis or soccer at the Rec.Cen. of UCSB !? Drop a line here or pop up at my office